Last Post

Today, I post my last post for today, not for the year.. I will need to post 6 more so I can get 250 posts, because getting 100 posts is to lame and easy, so don’t do go for 100 and celebrate a lame success. Go for 200 or 250 and celebrate, because you would post more than most people.

This year was pretty simple. Play computer games, learn a little, then play more games. But there was one big downer. The class couldn’t play Bloons Tower Defense 5, because we couldn’t upgrade our Adobi Flash Player. Some Felid Trips were pretty boring, Palmira, Folkfair and Junior Achievement.

I didn’t mind being in Ms. Russell, even though at first I didn’t want to be in her class, but seeing how much homework Mr. Skonecki gives, I’m glad i wasn’t in his class.


Funny fight with pokemon

Funny fight with pokemon

This is about a girl who asks a guy if she is fat. The guy imagines a pokemon battle of what would happen. Enjoy the photo reel. My last post will be posted tomorrow at 7:50. Yes this is from ifunny


So True

So True

I believe that this statement, is completely true. A gamers worst fear is lag during a multiplayer or any gameplay. You can ask any gamer, and they will say that when it lags they get really mad.


I think tuesdays are really lame because they have questions. So if some one does a question Tuesday they will be shunned. If that person plays pokemon he/she is really bad at it. So don’t do a question Tuesday or die of bad pokemon skills and be hated if you do.