Xbox over Ps3

There is a big war over Microsoft and Sony. Microsoft makes the Xbox, Sony makes the Ps3. These are both really good gaming systems. Although Ps3 is less expense, Xbox still has better graphics even with out a HD television. To play online xbox you have to pay 7.99 per month if you purchase it monthly. 19.99 per 3 months. 59.99 for 12 months (suggested). For psn you don’t have to pay a thing.

By my opinion I believe that Xbox is still better than ps3. Xbox has better graphics, a better gaming experience than ps3, easier controls, nicer remote controller. But the ps3 can play blu-ray dvd’s, which whould be nice if the Xbox could do that. Xbox has a better motion sensor(kinect). Kinect can sense your enitire body.

To conclude this, my recommendation would be to buy an Xbox instead of the ps3. If I were to improve the xbox I would make able to show blu-ray movies. 


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