Homecoming Football Game


This weekend was awesome! We won our homecoming game 33 -19. It was perfect weather for football on Saturday. We had to get pumped before the game. We were all excited for football. Then we did our normal warm ups before the game, stretches, offense, defense, and special teams. In the game I play defensive tackle, center, and long snapper. One play I was blocking for my running back when a guy tried to tackle he was spun off and his legs knocked my over. I was on the ground, then a big, fat, 300 pound kids steps on my finger with spikes. It hurt like a ninja slicing my finger off. So I had to sit out till the rest of the quarter. I went back in the next quarter.

After our game we had our pizza party. I had 2 slices of sausage pizza, 4 slices of cheesy bread sticks, and 2 cans of pepsi.

Later that night was the homecoming dance at Lady Queen of Queen by Leon’s. It was the worst dance that I’ve been to.


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