My Mystery Story

I had to write a story for reading about mystery, well here it is.

It was cold, too cold for a scene. I was walking in a dark alley, following a man, a man with suspicion. Black fedora, trench coat, and dress shows, too nice to be his. I figured those can’t be his, but who could he be. He look like a gang member from those mafia shows, probably thinking of something to do, or destroy. Now me what am I doing follow this.


All of a sudden the man starts running. What could he be running from? I look behind me, its the police chasing the me and man. I dodge the car by a garage. Now the cars gaining up on the man with the trench coat.


The man turns a corner and goes in the front door of McDonalds, I follow. He’s inside, he goes to the bathroom. Takes off his hat and coat. Apparently he had a whole tux under that trench coat. Then he goes and orders a water, probably to rehydrate himself, but he ask for a large bag. I asked him, “What’s the bag for if you only got a water.” He doesn’t respond.


He puts the clothes in the bag, and ask the cashier to throw it away, and if he can exit through the back door, because it was a tradition. The police have now entered the store. They ask the cashier if they’ve seen anything suspicious. But I step up first and say “The man went through the back, and let me help you.” I asked curiously. The police officer responded, “Why should I let.” And I said, “I got the skills of a ninja, like Naruto.” “Okay okay!” the police officer said, “ you can come.”


Me and the police officer hopped into the green and orange police car(These are colors for the German cars). I asked, “ What did the man with the trench coat do.” He responded, “His name is Henry Schumacher blew up the police station, I was the only one to survive the attack. Luckily for me I was in the safe area cleaning up my mess in there.”


We see the man hijacking a 13 year old girl’s black bike. He took off like the wind, soaring down the sidewalk. The police officer turn on the lights and sirens. But Henry quickly pedaled and turned into dark cold alley. I asked, “ Why does he always end up in a cold dark alley.” He responded “I don’t know it’s a mystery.”


Now where chasing him down the alley. Everyone looking out the back window to who the guy was. Then all of a sudden he stops, he stop the car and we get out. The police officer yells with anger, “ Drop the weapon.” I didn’t he had weapon. Then he drops his thompson. I knew he was a gang member. The police officer whispers, “Go use your Naruto skills.” Then I whisper back, “I don’t have Naruto skills.” But I really did.


Then the police officer shoots me in the hand, it was a mystery why he did. I yelled at him with anger in my eyes. Then he starts walking seriously towards Henry with his handgun pointed a Henry. Henry with fear on his face looked, like he was going to run again. I tried to crawl towards the police officer, every crawl the pain in my hand got worse. Finally I grabbed the police officers leg at karate chop it, I broke his leg. He screamed for help while I took his handgun. I get up. The officer takes out his taser and try’s to taze me, but scissor kick him in the face, breaking his face.


Then, Henry starts to take off again. But instead of running I decide to hijack the police car, and decide to run him over. When I go outside the car, Henry is crying. I asked, “Why are you crying.” He responds sadly, “You killed my brother, now I’m going to kill you!.” Henry takes out a 2 feet long machete. I start running for my life, trying to avoid the swipe of his knife.


I turned the corner of the street. I look for the closest brick building so I can climb it and for him to come by. I see him looking for me. A couple seconds later he sees me on the building. I start to panic wondering what I’m going to do when he comes by. Now he’s under me. I jump down ninja kick the machete out of hands, then land on his face. Pinning him to the ground. I take out the handgun, pointing it at his face.


I say, “ Why did you it!”

He responds, “Because.”

“Because why!”

“Because I want to kill my brother, Billy Bob Schumacher.”


“He owed me a dollar!”

“Thats it you’re going down!”

Then I shoot him with the entire magazine of the hand gun. Every time his heart pumped, blood would squirt out of the bullet holes. I returned to my house to write what happened, this is what happened.


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