Double Daily Life Hack Wednesday

Double Daily Life Hack Wednesday


My First Buck


Last Saturday I woke up at 5:15 to get ready for hunting. The routine was to wake up at 5:15, eat breakfast, then be seating in the stand by 6:00. I had to wait about an hour and a half before seeing the buck. Before I saw him a was reaching for some hand warmers, when I looked up and saw the buck walking across the marsh. I was waiting for it to stop, but it didn’t stop. The worst thing was that I was breathing so hard that I fogged up the scope, so I couldn’t see, and I had to get a shot off. When I got the best view out of the scope I shot, hitting the deer in the back. I shot two other times only hitting the deer again in the back. Then I ran out of the stand with my gun and to set up on a fence post to shoot again. Then the buck started getting up, I panicked¬†and shoot the buck in the spine and paralyzed it. When my dad and I walked over to it, it was trying to get up, so my dad shot it in the neck to kill it.


Here is plan of what happened.

Deer layout

Make Bacon Not War