Cyanide and Happiness-Interogation

What is one way you can interrogate someone? Isolation, forced nudity, or even waterboarding, but in this episode, they use good cop, bad cop. The first cop talks about the negative approach. Then the good cop shoots the bad cop and runs away with the suspicious man. While the cop is running away with the man, the man confesses. Down below I gave the definition of good cop, bad cop.

In good cop, bad cop, The ‘bad cop’ takes an aggressive, negative stance towards the subject, making blatant accusations, derogatory comments, threats, and in general creating antipathy between the subject and himself. This sets the stage for the ‘good cop’ to act sympathetically: appearing supportive, understanding, in general showing sympathy for the subject. The good cop will also defend the subject from the bad cop. The subject may feel he can cooperate with the good cop out of trust or fear of the bad cop. He may then seek protection by and trust the good cop and provide the information the interrogators are seeking.




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