Yesterday After School in the Gym

When I was sitting in the bus line to go home, I got bored. I turned around and saw a lot of people by Ms. Wilde’s door. Then I remembered that the soccer teams were posted. So I went over to check it out, even though I wasn’t playing soccer. Then I noticed that it said 7th and 8th grade Mr. Conti’s team. I looked at the list and noticed no 7th graders on the team. I thought, this is not fair for Mr. Skonecki’s team, whom had all the 7th graders and some 8th graders. Then Ms. Wilde said that the teams were split up evenly. I thought to myself, Ms Wilde is a LIAR. Next, I saw Richie nearby and said, “Yo Richie, on the list its says 7th and 8th Mr. Conti. Shouldn’t say 8th grade Mr. Conti.” Then Richie laughed, and I had to go get on the bus. #True Story


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