Last night when I got home, Christian and I did some recording on Skate 3. The videos are called HG vs. Purple and HG and Purple doing tricks better than Pewdiepie and Jacob Wasechek. Then Christian and I played COD Ghosts. During my warm-up game of COD, I went 38-8 on Unearthed domination. During my 18 kill streak, I got 2 Trinity Rockets that life. After playing COD, Christian, Martin, Kathryn, and I played smash on server. After Minecraft, I went upstair to edit the video of the Skate 3 videos. Then, I made chocolate chip cookies for the family. While making cookies I burned my middle finger, now it’s blistered. Then I watched the new Modern Family episode. Then I went to bed. Lastly I had the weirdest dream. Were people were taking over the world with guns, and the military was not helping. So me and this squad of 5+Sam, were killing everybody and we saved the USA. 


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