Last Night

Last night, while waiting for Martin to be done with his homework, I decided to play some Spleeg.

The goal in Spleeg is to destroy blocks on the platform near or under the opponent to cause them to fall, while avoiding suffering that fate yourself. Those who fall from the platform lose the round, and can fall into a pit, lava, or many other cruel fates designed by the stadium constructors.

In these two pictures I’m hiding from a predator, who is trying to knock me off. These photo’s are the same but from two different views.



After that I found a game I haven’t played before, Block Party.

When the game starts, you’ll be teleported into the BlockParty arena. Your goal is to be the last dancer dancing. Every few seconds, a color is chosen and announced to the dancers. After a set period of time, the other colors disappear – causing you to fall to your death…. unless you’re on the right color.


In this photo I met a girl with rainbow hair.Image

I took this picture,  because she had the color green on here, and I like the color green as you can tell, because of my green tie.Image

In this photo I’m posing with a tiger girl who likes to take pictures with awesome skins. (Like Mine)Image

In this picture, I take it because she is a beautiful skin and I planned to take pictures with girls.Image

I took this picture because she reminded me of the hunger games, when Katniss let Rue die. XDImage

This person reminded me of rainbows, wolves, and girls. (Most of the pics are with Girls)Image

She was like a angel, like her name.Image

Bacon and Sausage, the perfect match.Image

She reminded me of lava. (Her Hair)


Her hair was pink, and I took a picture with her.


Her name reminded me of mustaches. (She got good skin)


Me and Cookie Monster be chilling with class. (We handsome)


Her name is Anne, she chill.



I think she likes blue, and taking pictures with me.




Hangin out with the bae. (No its not Kathryn)




She got rainbow hair, which is pretty cool.



Me Twerking on her.



Me and my friend, that I don’t know. (I dont have friends) JK XD



He had a pretty cool Tetris skin.



This concludes yesterdays slideshow of me hiding, chilling, hanging with girls, and taking pictures of people who I thought were chill.

If you don’t know what minecraft is, then you are pretty unintelligent. It’s mostly blocks, with colors.

If you don’t know what my skin looks like well here.


My skin is pretty chill, because he is handsome. He has a white shirt, green tie, blazer, shoes, and pants.

This now concludes this awesome post with minecraft post. This post has 465 words.


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