My Skin for Graduation

Hello fellow blog readers, today I bring you my skin for Minecraft when I Graduate form A.E. Burdick School. I decided to go with a skin that looks like a graduation suit. You know, the ones with the square hat, the dress looking top, and matching color pants. Like the picture below.



So here is the skin.

Picture 6 Picture 7


As you can see I have a blue dress, blazer thing, with matching pants. My hat also has the  yellow ropy thing on it. I made this skin by myself, I didn’t copy off anyone else. I simply took my skin original skin and changed the color of the suit.


As you can see, where the grey was I added blue. Then where the light shade of grey is I added light blue. Then where the dark grey is, I added dark blue. Pretty simple right?

I also designed Kathryn’s graduation skin, cause she wanted me to do it, because I’m skilled at creating skins.

Here’s Kathryn’s graduation skin, that I designed.

Picture 9




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