Last Minecraft

Last Minecraft I gave you my sword, but the very next day you gave it away. This year to save me from losing, I give to someone special, special. That was a parody, of what I didn’t do yesterday. If you did recognize the song, good for you cause I don’t care.

But, yesterday Martin and I played some block party on the hive. As you can see from our heads in the block party lobby.Image


Then Martin found Ash, well I found him, so he decided to take a picture with him.Image

During our block party session I met some people include a someone named Starr_Girl. She reminded me of the book we are reading in school. She could be the actual “Stargirl” from the book, because she has rainbow hair, which is way different then any else in Mica school.



Then I took some more pictures. This one is about a princess, who I think is hippy.Image


In this phot me and Martin are twerking on a girl



To conclude my block party talk, I won TWO block parties. Both were because of the lag on my computer. 

Then Christian got on on and we wanted to do hunger games, so we did. 

Martin ended up DITCHING US and letting us diem, so then he ended up in the deathmatch. The first photo is of Martin trying to from battle like a cool dude, NOT. The second is of Martin, being chase by a guy with a diamond sword.ImageImage

Thanks for Reading ~


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